How a College Student Can Start Savings

Pay Yourself First: How a Student Can Start Savings As a student, you should put yourself first in everything you do. In that case, savings means that you are paying yourself first before you focus on anything else. Paying yourself in other instances is considered as reverse planning or budgeting. Other than merely prioritizing your funds on debts and bills, you should dedicate your money to savings and retirement goals. In this article, you will learn how you can start […]

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What Effects Does College Graduation Rates Have?

The Relevance of Increasing Graduation Rates People attend college to study and advance their careers. However, not everyone that joins an institution of higher learning completes their course. Because of one reason or another, some students do not finish their studies. This means that they are not going to graduate, and even though they gained sufficient skills in the entirety of their course, they do not have paperwork to prove. If you carefully consider the qualities that employers look for […]

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